Chapter 31 – A Hoard Of Not-Girls

Family Stats:

Ezra Pierce: Father
Nora Pierce: Mother
Holden Pierce (Boy #1): Young Adult
Tatum Pierce (Girl #1): Young Adult
Teagan Pierce (Girl #2): Young Adult
Parker Pierce (Boy #2): Young Adult
Sawyer Pierce (Boy #3): Young Adult
Brecken Pierce (Boy #4): Young Adult
Oliver Pierce (Boy #5): Young Adult
Owen Pierce (Boy #6): Young Adult
Logan Pierce (Boy #7): Young Adult
Paisley Pierce (Girl #3): Young Adult
Ryder Pierce (Boy #8): Young Adult
Octavia Pierce (Girl #4): Young Adult
Paxton Pierce (Boy #9): Young Adult
Naomi Pierce (Girl#5): Young Adult
Emmet Pierce (Boy #10): Young Adult
Theo Pierce (Boy #11): Young Adult
Ivy Pierce (Girl #6): Young Adult
Noah Pierce (Boy #12): Young Adult
Delia Pierce (Girl #7): Young Adult
Mason Pierce (Boy #13 – Extra 1): Young Adult
Elia Pierce (Girl #8): Teen
Xyla Pierce (Girl #9): Teen
Kaden Pierce (Boy #14 – Extra 2): Child
Connor Pierce (Boy #15 – Extra 3): Child
Phoebe Pierce (Girl #10): Child
Aaron Pierce (Boy #16 – Extra 4): Infant

Hello everyone! Let me say, right off the bat, I’m so confused lol I’ve played nothing but my ISBI for a couple of months now and it’s really weird to play a different challenge.

So forgive me if I get a little confused.

do remember thought that our game keeps giving us boys when we need GIRLS!

I took a couple of minutes just getting myself reacquainted with the family and Elia and her twin sister, Xyla have two days before they age up and move out. And I hope that their replacements are twin girls too so that we can FINISH this challenge.

Here’s Not-girl #2. Also known as Kaden. He just had a birthday and he’s sad because I didn’t get him to the cake in time.

But in my defense, it’s been over two months since I played this family and I didn’t realize his age bar was already bubbling.


This blueberry bear is Not-Girl #3, Connor.  And he’s so messed up that not only is he stuck in a bear suit, he’s making messes too.

And this is when I remembered that I CAN CONTROL THEM! THANK GAWD!

Nora goes off to into space! She needs to complete a collection in order to finish the curator aspiration, so we’re trying multiple different collections are we’re close to finishing a couple of them.

Ezra needs to mentor someone in music for three hours. So Elia is the lucky sim who was selected for the task.

Fun fact: I tried to do it with Nora, but I wasn’t getting the mentor option. And then I realized that Nora already maxed the piano skill because she’s already done the musical genius aspiration. Geez, it’s been way to long for this family lol

But have no fear, he completed it anyway!

Then we switched him to the Curator as well. Maybe he’ll be able to help Nora complete a collection. You know what they say: two heads are better than one!

Damn Not-girl #2 started a fire and started pointing at it like he was trying to blame someone else for it.


But we made him own up to his mistake and made him extinguish it.

Look guys! Not girl #4 aged up to a toddler! He’s ready to be obnoxious and throw in my face the fact that he’s not a girl.

And then it was the twin’s birthday!!! Yaaasssss!

And then we kicked them out! Adios!

And now that the girls have moved out, it’s time to get back to the challenge at hand!

Everyone cross your fingers for two girls so we can finish the challenge!

And we’re pregnant! Now it’s up to the game.

These two are busy working on their arts and crafts badges for the scouts.

Let’s play a game called “How much juice can you put in your juice?”

These two are obsessed with painting. I’m always finding them downstairs painting. Which is nice since I don’t have to worry about money. Ever.

Our frog collection has stalled. We have no heart or whirly frogs so those bits of the collection are empty. But as soon as I get one of each of those: IT’S BREEDING TIME

Ezra got a fame chance card at work and he was catapulted to the top of the entertainer career! Sweet! Which means I switched his aspiration over to the joke star one for now since he’s already got some of it done

And then it was baby time! Please have twin girls!

Well, we ended up with twins. Just not what I was hoping for. We did end up with a girl though! So we’re one away from finishing!

Anyways, we welcomed girl #11 into the family and her name is Harper!

Also there’s another not-girl. But he’s unimportant. expect for the fact that he’s taking up space in the house.

Here are some random toddlers I found outside of our house. I can’t believe that’s still a thing

It’s nice to see that floating saucers isn’t just a Wilde thing.

Then it was not-girl #3’s birthday! And obviously, Nora was not ready for it and tried to block the air.

But that’s gotta hurt…

And now, because I completely forgot that not-girl #3 and Phoebe were twins, it’s also Phoebe’s birthday!

And here they are as teens! Phoebe is definitely one of my favorites!

Ezra works on his singing. I literally never see anyone use this, so this shocked the hell outta me lol

Ezra’s age bar hit zero, so it was time for another youth potion! Hopefully this will be the last one that he needs.

And here are the youngest twins! They are ready to completely give me hell

And then Nora’s age bar hit zero and she needed a youth potion. Hopefully, like Ezra, this will be the final youth potion that she needs.

Everyone crack your fingers.

I’ve kinda stopped working on aspirations and skills and scouting. So Nora spends her time selling all of our random objects we have lying around the house lol

This is a child stage not-girl #4. I forgot his birthday. But I’m not even mad. And to tell you how much I care, this picture was taken AFTER the sad moodlet dissappeared.

Because I forgot. Because nobody care about the not-girls lol

Oh hello, Aliens! Long time no-see! They probably took pity on her since I’ve had her chained to the yard sale table for about a week lol

We’re two frogs away from completing our frog collection! I’ve never completed this one before, so I’m actually pretty excited lol

And that’s where I’m going to end this chapter! We’ll see you again soon!

4 thoughts on “Chapter 31 – A Hoard Of Not-Girls

  1. I mi da love the title of this chapter lol but damn, those not girls are really insistent! Congrats on baby Harper! You’re just one step away from finishing!!

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