Chapter 32 – My Game Is Trolling Me

Family Stats:

Ezra Pierce: Father
Nora Pierce: Mother
Holden Pierce (Boy #1): Young Adult
Tatum Pierce (Girl #1): Young Adult
Teagan Pierce (Girl #2): Young Adult
Parker Pierce (Boy #2): Young Adult
Sawyer Pierce (Boy #3): Young Adult
Brecken Pierce (Boy #4): Young Adult
Oliver Pierce (Boy #5): Young Adult
Owen Pierce (Boy #6): Young Adult
Logan Pierce (Boy #7): Young Adult
Paisley Pierce (Girl #3): Young Adult
Ryder Pierce (Boy #8): Young Adult
Octavia Pierce (Girl #4): Young Adult
Paxton Pierce (Boy #9): Young Adult
Naomi Pierce (Girl#5): Young Adult
Emmet Pierce (Boy #10): Young Adult
Theo Pierce (Boy #11): Young Adult
Ivy Pierce (Girl #6): Young Adult
Noah Pierce (Boy #12): Young Adult
Delia Pierce (Girl #7): Young Adult
Mason Pierce (Boy #13 – Extra 1): Young Adult
Elia Pierce (Girl #8): Young Adult
Xyla Pierce (Girl #9): Young Adult
Kaden Pierce (Boy #14 – Extra 2): Teen
Connor Pierce (Boy #15 – Extra 3): Teen
Phoebe Pierce (Girl #10): Teen
Aaron Pierce (Boy #16 – Extra 4): Child
Harper Pierce (Girl #11): Toddler
Graham Pierce (Boy #17 – Extra 5): Toddler

Why hello there! Glad to see you made it past our SUPER LONG list of family members! …Seriously. That list is currently 5 names too long. Damn not-girls dragging this challenge out a lot longer than it needs to be…

But not girl #2 is one day away from aging up so hopefully we’ll be able to get that final girl!

We start this chapter off with a completed collection! As I’ve never really tried to complete this collection before, I’ve realized it’s probably one of the easiest collections to complete. 10/10 would recommend.

Nora has a pristine reputation and she’s a 4 star celebrity. So she’s got the shine.

Also, a lady got excited to see her. This is weird. I’ve never had a 4 star celeb yet.

Also also, I turned off the shine and the walk because that was hella annoying

Not-girl #3 is killing the water slide thing lol

That looks like it hurts though

I was adding in some island living items and then I got distracted with adding turtles to the pool. There’s the mommy and daddy turtle which obviously represent Ezra and Nora. And then there are 23 green baby turtles to represent the kids that count in this challenge.

And then there are the 5 blue turtles which represent the not-girls. Who obviously don’t count but I felt obligated to include them.



Nora’s got that paparazzi problem!

…It’s a good thing that he didn’t go to the back of the house and see Ezra…

These two are so cute! Even when they’re dirty!


It’s finally Not-girl #2’s birthday!


Ezra came back from work with a fame promotion! So he’s now a 4 star celeb with a pristine reputation as well.

Again, we disabled the walk and the shine.

And now that Ezra is home and there’s an empty space in the house, we’re ready for the next baby!

And we’re expecting! And hopefully this will be the final pregnancy of this challenge.

I doubt it though, with my luck…

Also, I love the notification that says that not-girl #2 moved into the lighthouse haha

Not-girl #3 and not-girl #4 are bonding over homework and the fact that no one cares about them

Phoebe earns brownie points by repairing the dishwasher

And she gives not-girl #5 a bath.

Someone also needs to give Harper a bath when she wakes up

Don’t look at me like that, Delia! You’re the one who broke into our house.

I missed the fire… I nodded off for a hot sec and this is what happens. Don’t sleep and sim people. I don’t recommend it.

Thankfully, nobody died and this was the only damage.

Found the culprit. Damn Not-girls. I should just lock them in a room…

Yeah… definitely need to lock them in a room..

It’s the (youngest) twins’ birthday! First up was Harper

And then it was not-girl #5’s turn. Celebrated by not-girl #3.

And here they are! Obviously, that’s Harper sitting and doing her homework and that’s Not-girl #5 looking like a dork.

This painting is reallllllly tripping me out… lol

Nora randomly keeps “finding a penpal” No idea why. But look at how proud of herself she is lol

How is it that I’ve played this game since it first came out and this is the first that I’m seeing this?! Oh right, because I never make any upgrades.

But still, it’s a pretty neat feature! And my favorite part is that you don’t even need any upgrade parts for it to work!

Harper is really getting into her art lol

It’s baby time!



I literally cried when I saw he was a not-girl. I just wanna finishhhhh 😭😭😭

Which means that now we have to wait for not-girl #3 and Phoebe to age up and move out before we can try again. *sigh* And their birthday isn’t for another two days.

So I’ll probably just do a lot of playing and less picture taking.

these are our final four objects to sell. thank gawd. This table is a pain in the butt.

So we sold all those objects and then sold the table. Of course, doing this really makes me not want to do a trailer park challenge… but it on my list lol

We already have almost $925,000 in the bank, so we don’t need the money. But we’re going to enter anyway! GIVE ME THE MONEY!

Spoiler: We lost. *sigh*

And then not-girl #3 started another fire.

And Ezra is not happy about it.

Nora got abducted!

Nora finished an App and now she’s a 5 star celeb!

It’s a flying baby. Whoop-de-freakin-doo

And here’s the little brat.

Don’t get used to seeing him. He probably won’t get a lot of screen time.

And then we had the older twins’ birthday! Yay!

And then we sent them on their way

And we wasted no time in getting back on the horse.

And we were successful!

Whenever Ezra’s left on freewill, this is where I find him lol

Look at him trying to blend in with the float. Damn idiot decided it was a good idea to float in freezing weather…

See what I mean? Look at all of them!

Okay, well two of them are from Nora, but still. They’re always down here.

Damn kid. Not-girl #5 is our mess maker at the moment. The house is full of all his damn messes

We lost our bee box in the last storm. That explains why Ezra’s not getting attacked by bees anymore.

I don’t even miss it lol

haaaaaaaaaaaaa shows you how much attention I was giving him lol.

Oh yeah, that is not-girl #6’s real name. I just don’t ever use the not-girls’ real names.

Don’t worry though, we moved him back immediately since we have the space in the house. So it’s like he never left!

Seriously, he came back with low hygiene just like when he left.

Ezra has been keeping an eye on not-girl #6 since he got back. Huh, you’d think that he doesn’t want his kiddo to be taken away again lol

Ezra finally got his first quirk! It took him until he was a 5 star celeb to get one!

awe! That’s so cute! I’ve never seen this one before! So I kept it!

And it’s finally time for the baby!

And because my game likes to TROLL ME, we had TWIN GIRLS.

Because obviously, we just couldn’t have them SOONER.

*sigh* anyway, Nora is holding the 12th and final girl that counts, Pria! And that’s little Joelle in the corner. And now that we finally have our final girl, all that’s left to do to finish our challenge is to age them up to young adult.

Which will not happen in this chapter, so we’ll see you next time.

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