Chapter 35 – Wrap up and scores

Hello everyone! Last chapter we finished the actual game play part of this challenge, so this chapter is just going to tidy up some loose ends and tally up mah points!

…And since I didn’t decide to do points until after I finished the challenge, scores will be kinda incomplete because I can’t give myself too many points for toddler skills because I stopped tracking it at some point lol

So! lets get started!

+10 for SimShare

All the kids and Ezra and Nora are uploaded on the Gallery. Use the hashtags #mojot89, #babyboom, or #herecomestheboom to find them

*note* some of them are flagged as modded because they were uploaded after I flagged them in MCCC. They shouldn’t have any CC

+10 for StoryShare

Obviously for sharing the challenge

+30 points for every countable child born


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Score: 720

+10 points for every countable child that reaches young adult life stage

*see above photos lol*

Score: 240

+5 for every toddler skill a toddler maxes

And just liek that, the triplet’s aged up! And all of them did it miserably. Every single one of them is tired and kept trying to leave and sleep in the tent. Their birthday kinda snuck up on me and I tried to rush the last of their skilling. And each of them missed it by 1 skill – thinking. Ugh. But at least they all earned the Happy Toddler trait, so I’m still going to count that as a success! lol

So Holden, Tatum, and Teagan all managed to max 4 skill each

Final stats for Parker. He maxed everything except thinking. *sigh*

And final stats for Sawyer. He also maxed everything except thinking…

So Parker and Sawyer also managed to max 4 skills each

And this is Octavia maxing the communication skill in a matter of hours of being a toddler!

And we did the potty training session and got that maxed!

Octavia got a couple of maxed skills

I was hoping that Paxton would max all his toddler skills before his birthday, but we’re not gonna accomplish that. Unfortunately, he’s stuck on level 3 of thinking and his energy is in the red. So that’s not gonna happen

I’m taking this to mean that he maxed all but the thinking skill, so that’s 4 for Paxton

And this is the shot of Naomi maxing her thinking skill! Top-notch toddler here!

Five from Naomi

Hello and welcome back!! This little guy has two days left before his birthday and only has one maxed skill. So there’s no way he’s becoming a top-notch toddler. *sigh*

So that’s at least one from Noah lol

Delia becomes the first toddler in a LONG time to reach the elusive top-notch level.

Five from Delia

Five from Mason

Five from Elia

Five from Xyla

Score: 260

Career points:

Ezra FINALLY maxed the stupid tech-guru career.

First maxed career is 20 points

Second maxed career is 15 points

Score: 35

+10 points for every stage of the parent’s aspirations completed


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that’s 55 for Nora


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And that’s 57 for Ezra

Score: 1120

+5 for Aspiration Rewards

-I went through and counted each of the youth potions we had and the final number was 19

Reward Traits:


23 For Nora


And 24 for Ezra

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And 8 from some of the kiddos

Score: 370

+10 points for every adult skill completed


13 for Nora


12 for Ezra

Score: 250

+10 points for every $25,000 in the family’s net worth

Score: 890

-25 for every child taken by social services before reaching YA

Score: -50

Final Score: 3,855!!


And that’s it for this challenge! Thanks for sticking with me! And if you haven’t already, check out some of my other stuff! Just click on the “my other stories” tab at the top of the page! I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks again guys! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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