Chapter 34 – Fin

Family Stats:

Ezra Pierce: Father
Nora Pierce: Mother
Holden Pierce (Boy #1): Young Adult
Tatum Pierce (Girl #1): Young Adult
Teagan Pierce (Girl #2): Young Adult
Parker Pierce (Boy #2): Young Adult
Sawyer Pierce (Boy #3): Young Adult
Brecken Pierce (Boy #4): Young Adult
Oliver Pierce (Boy #5): Young Adult
Owen Pierce (Boy #6): Young Adult
Logan Pierce (Boy #7): Young Adult
Paisley Pierce (Girl #3): Young Adult
Ryder Pierce (Boy #8): Young Adult
Octavia Pierce (Girl #4): Young Adult
Paxton Pierce (Boy #9): Young Adult
Naomi Pierce (Girl#5): Young Adult
Emmet Pierce (Boy #10): Young Adult
Theo Pierce (Boy #11): Young Adult
Ivy Pierce (Girl #6): Young Adult
Noah Pierce (Boy #12): Young Adult
Delia Pierce (Girl #7): Young Adult
Mason Pierce (Boy #13 – Extra 1): Young Adult
Elia Pierce (Girl #8): Young Adult
Xyla Pierce (Girl #9): Young Adult
Kaden Pierce (Boy #14 – Extra 2): Young Adult
Connor Pierce (Boy #15 – Extra 3): Young Adult
Phoebe Pierce (Girl #10): Young Adult
Aaron Pierce (Boy #16 – Extra 4): Young Adult
Harper Pierce (Girl #11): Young Adult
Graham Pierce (Boy #17 – Extra 5): Young Adult
Fletcher Pierce (Boy #18 – Extra 6): Teen
Pria Pierce (Girl 12): Child
Joelle Pierce (Girl 13 – Extra 1): Child

Okay guys! This is it! We’re gonna finally gonna finish this challenge! They have 4 days left of childhood and then the 13 days and a teen, so we’re looking at 17 whole days before we finish this thing! 3 speed is our friend today


Finished adding all the turtles to the turtle family! Even all the extra kiddos

And then the dishwasher got stuck open… Weird.

The fam went outside to have a mud fight. Nora didn’t want to participate, but came outside anyway and then proceeded to fall in a mud puddle at least 4 different times. The SAME mud puddle mind you. She kept walking through it for some stupid reason.

Then not-girl #6 did it too, and I had to snap the pic lol

We double fisting today!


It’s the twins’ birthday! Finally!

Pria obviously goes first

And then it was Joelle’s turn

And here they are! Pria is the one on the left in blue and that’s Joelle on the right in the rusty color

Damn! That’s one expensive masterpiece!!

The gnomes are out. It must be harvestfest! Yippie…

Ezra’s age bar hit 0 again, so we once again hit the youth potion

This kid still has 3 days before his birthday. *sigh*

The twins have 9

One of my precious girls is trying to die. Don’t do it, Joelle! Go back inside!

Uhhhhh, can anyone explain this too me?




And we kicked him out


Came back from manage worlds to find an assortment of sims and some food outside out house. What the hell

Someone started a fire. I’m almost positive it was Pria since she’s the one who “discovered” it

Officially three days left before the Twins age up! And poor Pria doesn’t look too happy about it

Nora’s age bar was bubbling and I almost missed it! Thankfully, we got it in time for her to take the youth potion!

Our house is a freaking disaster zone… yuck

I’m in a last push to make money. I want to break the $2 million mark before this challenge ends and I’m about $20K away from getting it! So Nora is painting and Ezra is hacking


…Anyone remember when we were lawn living with triplets? lol

Girls are home from school, so it’s time for their birthday!!

Pria goes first (obviously)

(then Joelle went, but I didn’t get a picture of that lol whoops)

Then we sent them on their way

And one last celebratory woohoo for prosperity’s sake.

and this officially ends the gameplay of my Baby Boom challenge!!

I’ll have one final wrap-up chapter where we revisit all the kids and go over the points that I managed to keep track of lol

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