Chapter 24 – W.T.F.

Family Stats:

Ezra Pierce: Father
Nora Pierce: Mother
Holden Pierce (Boy #1): Young Adult
Tatum Pierce (Girl #1): Young Adult
Teagan Pierce (Girl #2): Young Adult
Parker Pierce (Boy #2): Young Adult
Sawyer Pierce (Boy #3): Young Adult
Brecken Pierce (Boy #4): Young Adult
Oliver Pierce (Boy #5): Young Adult
Owen Pierce (Boy #6): Young Adult
Logan Pierce (Boy #7): Young Adult
Paisley Pierce (Girl #3): Young Adult
Ryder Pierce (Boy #8): Young Adult
Octavia Pierce (Girl #4): Young Adult
Paxton Pierce (Boy #9): Young Adult
Naomi Pierce (Girl#5): Young Adult
Emmet Pierce (Boy #10): Teen
Theo Pierce (Boy #11): Teen
Ivy Pierce (Girl #6): Child
Noah Pierce (Boy #12): Child
Delia Pierce (Girl #7): Toddler

Welcome back! Since I’m the closest to finishing this challenge, I’m going to focus on this one for a while.

That is if I don’t die of boredom and baby boys…

Nora. Is. Gross.

Go take a shower! I know I promised you a break from babies for a bit, but seriously.

Booooooo. It’s family reunion day.

I skipped it.

It took 4 energy failures – 2 from each of them – to FINALLY get Delia in bed…

Apparently Noah has the positivity aspiration. And is somehow on Tier 2. No idea how that happened…

Uhhhhhhh, wut is this? I’ve never seen this aspiration before… o_O

Also, he know no one named Alex, so no idea how he completed that one…

Our house is a disaster right now. And this isn’t even all of it. The plates are everywhere! Including the bathroom

Time to get the party started!

Nora looks happy and Ezra looks like he’d rather be doing ANYTHING else lol

And success! Everyone wish for a girl!!!!

Who did this!?

It was probably Ivy… Although, for sure one of those is from Delia

Well whatever this glitch is, it’s uncompleteable. I got him a job and everything. But it didn’t fulfill the “go to work” requirement.

Theo is trying his hand at cooking.

Please don’t burn down the house.

Spoiler: He made a garden salad… lol

Delia is hard at work on her skillz. So far she’s mastered Communication, Movement, and just now potty!

Also, this is where I got annoyed with the damn mosaics and finally got the mod that removes them.

Maybe y’all should have just gone to bed… quit nappin’

It’s Ivy’s birthday! Yay!

And here she is! And she’s bored. Not even 30 seconds into being a teen and she’s already done lol

And then the next day it was Emmet’s birthday!


What even is an aspirational career? Seriously, does anyone else have this?!

A/N: After a bit a digging, it turns out that this is from the tutorial version of the game. And the random trait and aspiration mod I have does not discriminate.

Re-loaded the lot after kicking Emmet out of the house in the manage world screen and now our plants are having trouble rendering.

Our challenge almost ended today. Ezra decided it was a good idea to pick a fight with Thor. Obviously, that didn’t turn out too well for him.

I never play with Bees. I thought it was finally time.

nevermind Nora’s dirty stink cloud

Ezra FINALLY maxed the stupid tech-guru career.

And he still has yet to take a shower after getting struck by lightning.

Baby time!

*mutters under breath* it better be a girl

Ew. It’s a boy. Everyone meet Mason. The boy who was supposed to be a girl.

Delia only has to max imagination to get Top-Notch toddler, so she’s making messes. It hurts me on the inside to select that option. I die a little every time

Hours after the birth of the not-girl, Ezra is still running around in a panic.


Ezra quit his job since he’ll be more useful to have around the house 24/7

Delia becomes the first toddler in a LONG time to reach the elusive top-notch level.

And just in time too! Her age bar is bubbly

Mommy and Daddy were both busy skilling, so it fell to Ivy to help Delia with her cake.

Poor girl looks so sad. She probably thinks that I’m gonna ignore her now. Don’t worry, I won’t. Not-Girl does not deserve any attention from me.

And this is where we’ll end this chapter. In the next chapter we’ll see if we get an actual for or more Not-Girls.


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