Chapter 22 – [Insert Title Here]

Family Stats:

Ezra Pierce: Father
Nora Pierce: Mother
Holden Pierce (Boy #1): Young Adult
Tatum Pierce (Girl #1): Young Adult
Teagan Pierce (Girl #2): Young Adult
Parker Pierce (Boy #2): Young Adult
Sawyer Pierce (Boy #3): Young Adult
Brecken Pierce (Boy #4): Young Adult
Oliver Pierce (Boy #5): Young Adult
Owen Pierce (Boy #6): Young Adult
Logan Pierce (Boy #7): Young Adult
Paisley Pierce (Girl #3): Young Adult
Ryder Pierce (Boy #8): Young Adult
Octavia Pierce (Girl #4): Young Adult
Paxton Pierce (Boy #9): Teen
Naomi Pierce (Girl#5): Teen
Emmet Pierce (Boy #10): Child
Theo Pierce (Boy #11): Child
Ivy Pierce (Girl #6): Toddler
Noah Pierce (Boy #12): Infant

Hello! Welcome back to my baby boom challenge! Paxton still has SEVEN WHOLE DAYS before his birthday. So we have a filler chapter. Again.

Ezra’s rockin’ out with our Karaoke machine! I’m almost positive that he’s the first one to use it.

It’s Winterfest and it looks like Father Winter got himself some hair dye for Winterfest this year!

Paxton got a gnome from his mother… It sounds pretty inappropriate…

Family time!!! And I don’t think this is the kids’ favorite way to spend it either. lol

Noah aged up! He’s a cutie!

Stupid dumbass is gonna freeze to death

Emmet is the the current mess-maker in the house.

And it’s annoying

A rare moment where Ezra and Nora are able to squeeze in a nap. This never happens

ummmmmmmm. How Dafuq did this get outside? *moves it back inside*

It’s finally spring time! Thank gawd

I forgot Ivy’s birthday… whoops.

Yeah, I feel awkward about it too

But I’m not gonna forget Emmet’s! No more mess-maker!

He doesn’t look happy about it either…

His head looks way too big for his body… boy needs some muscle!

Ezra broke the oven. I guess this is what happens when you have mouths to feed lol

Theo finally wised up and realized that it’s better to play inside than out by the pool

Lottery day! Both Ezra and Nora entered! Everyone, cross your fingers!

As you can see, both of them were close to birthdays, so it was time for youth potions!

Our store of youth potions is getting low. Better start cracking down on aspirations again. Since obviously my game is fighting me on the girls, so we’re going to be at this a while yet

Then it was finally time for Paxton’s birthday

So we kicked him out right away

Which means that next chapter, we can get right to the baby makin’!

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